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Illness and death are realities of family life and can effect how families function.  I believe that how families talk about illness and dying makes a difference to how they cope with changes to their family system. While it can be one of the most  difficult  communication tasks, it can also be deeply  meaningful. Through sharing stories and talking about loss and grief, people can grow closer together and form new relationships which may not have been possible before. 

My research looks at  how to support doctors, patients, and their families to have conversations about illness and the end of life. My interest in this subject stems from my personal experiences of loss and I tell this story in my article, "From relative to researcher".


Alongside my work with children and families in the NHS, I work closely with professionals from health and social care. I am on the committee for The Association of Narrative Practice in Health and Social Care; to learn more about our organisation and the events we hold, please visit our website

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