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Therapy with Pooja Bhambra

Moving You Forward

Family life can be full of drama, from adolescent struggles to parental conflict, from family feuds to experiences of love and loss.

When families are faced with problems and experience difficulties in their relationships, self-help is often the first natural response. However, sometimes, self-help is not enough and can lead families to feel stuck. It is at this point that it can be beneficial to access professional help.

My name is Pooja Bhambra, I am a UKCP registered family psychotherapist. My approach to working with families is to see each member as an individual, who is influenced by multiple contexts, including family, financial, cultural, and historical ones. I like to understand people within these frameworks and not as separate from them.

I am interested in understanding problems through hearing the stories that families share with me and to think together with them about how these stories define the difficulties which bring them to therapy. I see storytelling as an important component of the therapeutic process, allowing family members to consider the possibility of creating a new story which may allow for healing, growth and help to strengthen families ties, or clarify differences.

I encourage families to see therapy less as a “cure” but more as a process which sets something in motion. As a therapist I see my role as helping you to navigate unfamiliar territory, experiment with new scenarios but, as a family, you then make the decision about the direction you choose to go in.

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