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About Me

I have dual professional training in social work and family therapy. I have over ten years of wide-ranging experience working with complex child, adolescent, adult, and family issues.


Previously, I have worked as an expert witness for the family courts where serious concerns of child protection were raised. I currently work for the NHS in a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, as a family psychotherapist.


I work with adolescents struggling with depression, anxiety and trauma. I work with issues relating to parents, parenting and children. I provide short and long-term psychotherapy  for families, couples and offer individual work.


I am in the process of doing a professional doctorate; my research interest looks at how to support doctors, patients, and their families to have conversations about illness and the end of life.


I have experience of working with families from diverse backgrounds and understand the importance of working sensitively with social, cultural, and religious differences as well as age, disability, race, sexual orientation, gender, and relationship status.


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